It looks like I’ll be living in Cuellaje

Yesterday evening I got my placement assignment in Ecuador. It is in the Cuellaje region of Intag, which is marked on the map to the left. According to the email it is “located in the mountains surrounding the cities of Otovalo and Cotocachi, Intag is known for its pristine beauty, nature, wildlife, and tranquility.  Cuellaje is a small village, which is why it has remained a nature-lover’s paradise!  As the main parroquia it also functions as a central hub for the Intag region. The word “parroquia” could probably best be translated, in this case as “neighborhood center,” as Cuellaje acts as the governing body for 7 surrounding communities.”

Based on the handover letter, it sounds like a nice area with great people. I keep waiting for the feeling of excitement to kick in, but so far I only have feelings I can’t quite identify. At least now, I can learn more about the area and I should probably stop procrastinating and start getting stuff together.


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