Next stop Quito, Ecuador

I have landed in Miami and it has already been an interesting morning. I did not get the email about travel information from WorldTeach. Last night around 11 pm, after combing through my email, I decided to email the other volunteers in my area to see if they new about the pre-departure meeting. I was thought it would be at the gate. I am glad I emailed because one person thought the same as I did and another forwarded me a very important email with pertinent travel information.

I arrive at the airport early now armed with group travel information, which proved beneficial. I tell the baggage guy that I am going to Miami, but the taking a flight booked as a group to Quito. He tells I need to pick up my bag in Miami. I decide this doesn’t sound quite right and decide to ask the ticket agent at the gate. Good thing because it was wrong, very wrong. TJ, the ticket agent, tracked down my bag, got it re-tagged, printed my boarding pass Quito, refunded the baggage fee (there is not fee for international flights) and was generally awesome. This is of course assuming my bag arrives, but for right now I’m a big fan.

The pre-departure meeting is in an hour. Next stop Quito, Ecuador. I hope I have not missed any other important communications.


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