Orientation – that’s a wrap

Everyone survived orientation. Admittedly they scared the crap out of us the first couple of days. I like to think it was for our own good, but I think they got some entertainment out of it too (hey, why not I probably would have done the same). Some days felt exceedingly long. However, I am amazed at how much information the field directors were able to squeeze into 10 days.

We got to do fun things like tour Quito, the Guayasamin Museum and take a salsa dancing lesson. We also managed learn a lot about things like culture, ESL students, lesson planning, health and safety. I did like that instead of long lectures by the same people everyday, they mixed it up with guest speakers and interactive sessions that illustrated games to play with students. Who doesn’t like playing with balloons and spit balls?

Friday, after finishing orientation we had a little free time before a group dinner. Most of us checked email, then headed out to happy hour. There are some really good happy hour specials in Quito. Then we went a group dinner with field directors. Pizza, wine, beer and good company. It was a great way to wrap up a long ten days. Orientation felt long but was practical. I guess the real test will be when we are in the classroom. Thanks Kate, Tara and Lee!